image description Paulette Light
Mom of 4

Share recommendations

image description Susan Arena
Mom of 2

Paulette needed a tutor for one of her children, so she sent out a request to her Momstamp network.

Turns out, Susan, who is a friend of Paulette's friend Leah, recently did a ton of research on this, so she shared her list of recommended tutors with Paulette – who sleeps a little better now.

image description Holli Corbett
Los Angeles

Get organized

For her daughter’s birthday party, Holli wanted to create a retro look. On momstamp she found a local cake maker, an event space, and a marionette clown – all with recommendations and reviews from her friends, and their friends.

image description Marisol Hernandez
Mom of 2
image description Jessica Baxter

Be inspired

When Jessica was six months pregnant, she saw her friend Marisol’s nursery collection and was inspired to create one too.

She saved recommended items from Marisol and others friends to create her own collection. Then she conveniently purchased everything through Momstamp. Now all she has to do is wait!

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